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Mission around the world

My name is Abhishek Kumar Sharma (28), I am a resident of the town of Fatehgarh which is located in Farrukhabad District, Uttar Pradesh. It is well-known that Kannauj is an ancient city, It is very much famous for Kannauj Perfume  in India and world.

I am on 90+ countries tour and I will achieve this goal with completing my journey in the year Nov 2020. I will cover almost 95,000 kilometers and will reach to nearly   10 000 000 people. My travel is supported by donations from people and companies.

Through my bicycle tour around the world I am tempting to spread awareness about ‘CLIMATE CHANGE & WORLD PEACE’ through lectures and I am also giving seminars about ‘Importance of Bicycling’ to live happier and healthier life. The focus of my ‘CLIMATE CHANGE & WORLD PEACE’ Awareness Program is on Schools, colleges and universities students and local people, urban/rural and decision making people worldwide who have the power and authority to do something for ‘CLIMATE CHANGE & WORLD PEACE’.

I would like to present to you my Around the World on Bicycle Tour for ‘CLIMATE CHANGE & WORLD PEACE’ Awareness Program & Seminar ‘Importance of Bicycling’ to live happier and healthier life. I started this program on the 10th  November 2014, I have done M.Sc (Master of Science), M.Phil (Master of Philosophy)  and PGCWM in Environmental Science from University of Kanpur and APS University, Rewa. I worked in many companies as an Environmentalist/Environmental planner and different Designations.

“when the Prime Minister of the country asks ‘How are you? How is your health?’ what more can bring happiness. I got an opportunity to even share some time with him during lunch. There were many more good moments when the ministers of various states got connected with me. I would actually meet them all when I went to their states; I would even request them to support this massive campaign. A lot of schools and colleges eventually started inviting me to speak in their institutes. In about thirteen months, I was able to take 4,278 lectures impacting more than 3.2 million students across the country. Apart  from students, I got to spread awareness to lakhs of villagers, people at the hospitals, tea shops, and everywhere possible.”


According to me “Economic growth is the tag that the world gives, when people over exploit the natural resources. This act of over exploitation of the resources leads to natural calamities and global warming. People affected by these natural calamities suffer even without food and water, leading to death. All of these are interlinked. If there is any kind of a problem that is occurring within the society, each of us is responsible!”


“The entire world is a family. So, whenever I will be there at someone’s house, I will at the house of my own family. I will  never feel a difference. We all are human being we should help each others”



To educate people from different parts of the society by raising awareness among students of schools, colleges, universities and also encourage these institutions to start a chapter on CLIMATE CHANGE & WORLD PEACE awareness program, promote the Importance of  Bicycling’ to live happier and healthier life. My aim is also to bring awareness among the youth and encourage Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the respective countries of the world.


Short term goal


The students, youth and communities who benefit from awareness program will spread it in their societies of respected countries. Besides, I am also keen to present India and Indian culture, Importance of  Bicycling’ to live happier and healthier life through seminars.


Long term goal


To raise global awareness on CLIMATE CHANGE & WORLD PEACE by educating local/urban people around the world with my mission.



Till today I travelled 20,000 kilometers in the whole India (25 states, 415 District and 18,000 Villages) So far I reached 4278 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Municipal Corporations, NGOs, Public Places and I conducted 4278 Lectures.

I feel honored to be rewarded by Prime Minister of India and 18  State Chief Ministers in India. The last 3,20,000 Students/Local People of India whom I met always encouraged me and supported my journey.

Newspapers and televisions all over the India are publishing reports about my travelling and journalists are supporting my mission.

With love, peace and happiness,

-Abhishek Kumar Sharma

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